1. Description:
    1. A reflection of reality, especially human bodies in a three dimensional poly structure which dismembers, segments, partitions, deforms, switches and changes everything around it and is also infinitely adjustable. It can work by itself, composed with other objects or even put on a human body and used as a cover of this reality.
  2. Goal:
    1. Theres a difference between the way people look and the way people see the reality in which they are imbued in. Fractaling the reality can foresee details of reality in some subjects while triggering newly found consciences in others. The way i decompose the infinite reflections of perceived true is an basic exercise of understanding and awareness. Knowledge is no longer a matter of conscience but a personal approach on perception.
  3. Instructions:
    1. Relate to the scale of the object.
    2. Look at the reflections of adulterated light.
    3. Find yourself.
    4. Breathe and use this in your daily life.
  4. Technical:
    1. 50x70cm folded 300gr paper.
    2. Reflective adhesive vinyl (chrome).