1. Description:
    1. A prediction of other creatures behaviour and the human control of it. Collaboration between the creator and the chosen irrationals with mutual benefits.
  2. Goal:
    1. Control. Predictability of the supposed unpredictable. The interaction with nature in the broader game of instinct and in the dynamic relations between humans and animals. With winners on both sides of the spectrum, an experience where they get food and i get the result from them. This, made clear in a time lapse of changeable, lively and sequential images.
  3. Instructions:
    1. Position yourself in front of the screen.
    2. Don’t imitate them.
    3. Don’t ask for sugar.
    4. Don’t call your friends.
    5. Don’t make a trail for others to follow.
  4. Technical:
    1. Ants.
    2. Sugar.
    3. Video camera.
    4. Patience.