What are trends?

They are an unique way of looking at problems and presenting a solution theorem, never an end result in itself. Since problems are always evolving, trends are constantly changing in time, and creating new questions around new problems.

Why are trends significant in design, creation, critic and evolution?

Proposing new concepts and approaches are the way to look beyond the horizon. The known limits of the present should be a catapult in which we position our feet to feel the motion of innovation and discovery. Through research and development i am presenting some hypotheses on how we can question the formation of a new path, a new context and propose enhancements to the state of the current medium in which we stand.

When should trends be presented?

Renewal cycles are only a matter of personal evolution and timing. Using normal calendar constraints, a yearly report of selected ideas can curate an obligation of forward motion. Yearly.

How often they should be questioned and changed?

The criteria for good creation and design in general should be as durable and timeless as it is possible. Never settling with a simple pictorial achievement makes the last statement rather ethereal and accomplishes the major responsibility for a creative life of restless, never ending, work. Depending on your tenacity and depth of creative and critical exploration the rate at which your mind can evolve is a determinant factor in the cycle of question and change.

Who materialises concepts in trendbooks and exhibitions?

Trendbooks, as a media, are a way to keep and propagate good, smart ideas to use them and improve your work. Exhibitions are a moment where trendbooks can be dissected and explained to an informed audience. Trendmakers are exhibitors and all are just names for an entity of creation, sometimes human, that removes all the filters, clothes and constraints just to appear naked and pure to the critic eyes of the audience. Here i am called Creative Director but i prefer to call myself Sérgio Magalhães.


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