creative direction #01 ME

What i WANT and what i DO defines who i AM.

Do you know who you are?

Witch kind of professional profile do you think better fits your description? Do you even have an answer for these questions? If you don’t, you better find them and this is an ultimatum, a final call to your professional counciouness. The ones that surround you have to know who you are. YOU, have to know who you are without a shadow of a doubt and most of all I HAVE TO KNOW who you are! A search is needed. A profound and truly enlightened search about your role in my professional life. And it’s better to be a defying one. For you and for me. We need a role in life. Ours is a big one, just because creatives were born to turn this world in a better place and that exactly and critically is what WE WILL DO.

Have you chosen the menu?

I chose to be the kind of person that orders different in a restaurant and is dazzled by the way the chef answers that call. I chose to start my meal with dedication and inspiration, followed by a soup of technical priorities. For first dish i like to choose a mix of freshness of the sea served with contemplation of critical content. After and for a worthy pause i ask for an amuse bouche. It brings the zing to the meal, the smile in your face and the need to keep the food coming to the table. The main dish is objectively the dedication and support to the idea, that transforms it into a concept. It’s a strong, full and tasteful flavor that endures in your mouth and in your mind. The wine is not forgotten. It is meticulously chosen to be the only choice. Finally the desert is only served when you see the end of the project and it keeps being sweet after all this years. A menu i chose is a menu i know and control. But sometimes i ask for surprises from the chef. What do you choose?

Don’t let life choose WHO you are.

I chose to be unique. I chose to be followed and not a follower and that is what moves me everyday. Choose your role carefully but make a choice, always. No matter what, stick to that and give the others the full notion of WHO you are. Choose wisely and choose, but choose. Don’t wait, choose now. In the early days of my professional adulthood i had to face life and in front of me i had a choice about the future. It was a life defying and cruel choice to make. I had to choose the steepest part of the mountain to climb. I chose the longest route to a stress free life. I chose the risky and rocky road. I chose the biggest pay slot machine of them all, the one with the jackpot lights turned on.

Be a PART of something. Be valuable but don’t be irreplaceable.

Make the others think they can’t have you for a long time because they simple cannot keep up with your talent. Be the best. Don’t be plain.

Be a Critic and Construct Creative Content.

Sérgio Magalhães
Creative Director

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