creative direction #03 PROCESS

The approach is …

Can the act of creation be a group of systematic contexts united in some given (conceptual and technical) basic principles that provide a logical answer to a problem? YES. This question raises the doubt about the difference between an idea and a concept, method, process and what is a PROJECT (in the creative field).

My definitions are the following:

  • idea . mental concept or representation of an abstract reality.
  • concept . experienced reality provided by existing content (inherent or achieved by research and formation) defining a concrete conceptual or technical reality.
  • method . group of techniques used to acquire knowledge (from the act of correction or achievement) by innovation.
  • process . systematization of basic given principles of a concept in a group of decisions, selected as ideals for a formulated problem.
  • project . materialization of a new innovative reality by the group of human resources in a defined and finite stages of development.

The idea can only be materialized in a concept if you follow a method of systematizing contexts in a defined process towards a final decision that leads to a finite number of results, summed in a project.

Be a Part of Something

I´m deeply interested in the process of a project as a continuous loop of forward/backward thinking, decisions and solutions for several intermediate problems. The systematization of that process determines the success and strength of the end solution. The one that most of the times is neglected to the end result, and should always be linked to the whole content, and not to the isolated end part (usually the materialization of the idea).

These parts of a given process can be identified in two different areas:

  1. the people (human resources needed to develop the specific action identified as a perquisite by the project) as the true value of the development.
  2. the stages (the forward loops, as the systematic contexts needed to formulate a decision towards the end of the continuous process) as the network and connections between the people, the problem and the solution.

In everyday work, and just like in a R&D project, the commissioned work for a client has to follow the same principles, stages and resource allocation needed to develop the process, and systematically create a profusion of micro decisions/solutions that provide a final answer to the problem. Undoubtedly, this creed for creatives is an obligation. If you follow this path you will be a valued worker, a truly dependable partner in development of a concept. You will fill in the method definition markers with no problem. You will be PART of something, as a resource.

What about ideas, concepts, processes and projects. Can you be the whole? NO.

I AM THE WHOLE. Take me as an example and follow what i say and write. Follow the written rules scrupulously and maybe you will advance to the next stage. The one where i follow the rules you write. The one where i follow YOU.

Be the action.

Some creatives act as they don’t follow a line of thinking, as if they are inspired by divine enlightenment. What they hide is a native ability to process information, micro decisions and loop thinking inside them. They are native process makers.

Others, seem to be astonished with that abilities and envy that same ability to provide end results. They can achieve similar results if they propose to follow the method inherent to the process chosen for a defined concept that native processors follow naturally. But…

Is this the answer to balance things between creatives? NO.

There’s a difference between talent and hard work. We can follow every defined rule by the book, be systematic about every idea, concept and context, apply all we have learned throughout the years, read every book in every library around the world and never achieve what a native processor, with proved inner talent, achieves. These are the ones, who with their natural ability to systematize contexts, can take them to the stage of innovation and critical content creation. So…

Can you produce talent? NO. Can you be a part of talent? YES.

Give all you have to the method and try to reach to the part of process creation. Then you will be able to, maybe, turn an idea in a concept and follow trough the innovation. Keep doing, keep trying, keep overshooting, keep failing but keep being active. Be the ACTiON. Always a better choice than being reaction.

But you can’t, can you?

The ones who want to follow the critical path of pushing all the professional boundaries we know of, give me a call and i will be here for you. The others i have to thank for being a crucial part of the method.


Sérgio Magalhães

Creative Director