There’s only one ambition in life. Win.

The ones who say less from this are losers. They are not by any means wrong, less human or less accepted as social parts of a heterogeneous society. They are simply not winners.

I am a winner. I always want to win. I am competitive. I choose my wins. I accept defeat only to learn how to win. I know how it tastes.


  1. You need to be in control of your area of expertise in order to rationalize your weaknesses and strengths, before entering your battles and prevent them to even happen at all.
  2. Minimizing your losses will never make you win with grandiosity.
  3. Step outside yourself and observe the horizon above others in the edge of the cliff.
  4. Take defeat for granted and advance systematically to victory.
  5. The first image in the mind of others is not what you have achieved but the way you look and present yourself to the world.
  6. Achieve success in the success of your projects and don’t focus on happiness.
  7. Know yourself before knowing others because you will have to play them both.
  8. Learn something new everyday.
  9. Age doesn’t give you maturity or experience.
  10. Predict others in the scenarios that are only favorable to you.
  11. Arrogantly tell others what you see if you’re sure about your opinion and have weighted collateral damages.
  12. With your choices comes consequences and that’s why its your responsibility to control every surrounding you may find yourself in.
  13. Loose the biggest amount of time with the solution and not with the problem.
  14. Control your temper and keep others in a deductive focus from deep inside of you.
  15. Lying is not an option about protection but a dangerous tactic of attack.
  16. Logic is a great weapon of self destruction when alone in the room of creativity.
  17. Rules are made to be broken when followed scrupulously and can surprise others with evolution and adjustment.
  18. Observe people interact with life while mirroring their thoughts in your mind.
  19. Entertain yourself in your private, intimate and reserved life with whatever suits you best.

Have fun with class.

Sérgio Magalhães
Creative Director

©‎ cover Brad Hagan