creative direction #02 TIME

It’s time to talk about time.

It’s time to earn time some time. From our work to give back to our life. From our life to give back to our work. It’s time to cut all the excess fat we gained over the years by procrastinating our professional future with disappointment and lighten up our mind with the perspective of dedication and the notion of a career. This is what i want from all of us.

The secrete of simplicity is living with the essential.

I use that expression very often but lately i asked myself to many times what does that mean. Do we want to live simple or plain, and I identify in these words different concepts. They have adjacent an idea – opposite to the common knowledge – the one that defines life as a complex motion of events and people interlaced one another in a spiral of time and infinite variants – that life is complex. They are only (and meaningfully) representing the way we position ourselves towards the complexity of things. Things are complex but we can simply embrace them and do our best to overcome and succeed. Or be reluctant about leaving plain attitudes and procrastination behind – i believe this is true for the majority of cases of people who keeps life plainly in sight.

These perspectives gives us different amounts of time.

If we try out simplicity, we will be forced to cut away everything to become more thin, agile and most of all become better in what we do. For that purposes we will have to initially invest a great amount of time, cutting, trimming, perfecting ourselves, our specialties and goals to become a strong candidate to success. After that process we will gain tons of time to spare, making us the way we intend to be. For sure, we will be recognized for that enhancements. With that method behind, liberating time, we will create a figure of a strong independent, organized and trustworthy individual. People will rely on us and we will deliver, personally and professionally because we will have time to others, because we have time for ourselves.

In plain mode, we can fully cope with things. We are able to deal with daily focus, goals, needs and ensure an agenda for our lives. We can plainly deliver and we are able to find free time to ourselves with the justification of constant execution. That’s with no assumed compromise to constant innovation and pushing boundaries forward. It’s a fantastic way to keep a good, healthy and stress free life. The way we deal with ambition is a big part of that position because it’s simply absent of the equation. By no means i am criticizing negatively this way to see life or work, i am merely saying its a way to see it.
It’s time to be the chosen one.

I want professional humans who see life simply. I want inspired people who know that time is precious and needs honest investment in order to free themselves of the complex constraints of life and work. People who are ambitious and keep pushing boundaries. That keep throwing time in the air knowing they will catch up later. A better, successful and recognizable latter with the notion of a better, successful and recognizable human. I want to take time to do things technically and perfectly, critically and with innovative, unique creative content. With time to spare.

If we define a line, even if marked with a pencil and not a pen, we can follow that direction scrupulously and congratulate ourselves with success. We just need to trace the line. Simply trace the line.

Let’s win something. Let’s win time.

Sérgio Magalhães
Creative Director