When, on the way through an unique singular path we assume challenge as a vital part of evolution, we also provide ourselves a need to be fulfilled with innovation, pride and above all critic.

Usually, progress is seen as a natural and assumed part of the creative group, where millions of minds naturally accept that, changes can happen and the opinion of the most is stronger than the few. This, generally happens, not by their perception of it, but by the natural need of acceptance and of belonging to the common preconcept or universal truth. Recently, as a medium for measuring progress, technology has taken over as the central core of dissemination and evolution, as if it was some kind of new way we all need to accept, to keep living in orderly social manner as integral part of the world. It is in technology that nowadays this acceptance and dissemination of the unquestioned universal truth travels to us.

And I know that that is Wrong…!

Why? Because the only thing people call progression is different from what should be a self aware vision of things, objects, feelings, tastes or contexts. They don’t feel it like an addictive urge to get new, innovative, more and individual. They know, by general standards that there is always room for improvement and that everybody can achieve and all that BS, but all depends on the approach in which we choose to complete our self critic, general critic or the open opinion about a subject. This is really hard to do, and the most part of it is self inflicted pain while get to know the reasons to become bigger or accept normality. The one that needs to be an act of brave decision taking, based on a life changing way to see what is around us. I see it in two different yet complementary ways.


Yes, everyone is embed in a life where pragmatism is seen as the most powerful and smarter way to get through daily questions; some are complex enough to get us excited but most of them aren’t. Will this position take you further? Are you willing to go further than the horizon, to reach the line in front of your eyes, with a solved equation of success, written by others, in your forehead? Will you ever see the horizon?

Pragmatism is a readable and steady way to say yes or to say no. A vision that has no way to get wrong. It is what it is. The sun is yellow, no doubt about it, right? I know that everything is questionable, but for most, this is a given concept. The sun IS yellow.

This type of alignment can be very useful when we talk about being solid, coherent and logic, we need it, we need the insurance of blue skies, we like to know exactly how it is going to happen, we like to feel like FORTUNE TELLERS. And that brings us a peaceful and relaxed feeling to our blood. So why question? Why boil?


Oh Yes! as creative creators, we do have some other ways to see things. A leaf on the ground is not just something that has fell from the tree. Why did it fall? How did it fall? For what did it fall? Most of the times we design a scenario for things to come, just like rays of information, small inputs that pierce our bodies to reach deep in your mind. Adding value as hardly an aware Man can devoid himself from being different. Share a story, tell your concept, create, create better, create more, but do all ways create.

To tell a story can be much harder than just start questioning others. We don’t have the same wave-length in understanding concepts and we are completely different from each other, from men to women, from masters to dreamers, from 100 to 1, and the challenge is right HERE.

I don’t want to tell you simply that “my bike is red and i love driving it”, I want to let you know that i have a bike, yes, I do and it is red, why? Because red as a color, pumps my blood and i love driving, and guess why? Because it releases my soul.

This is a story, a collection of seemingly disperse concepts, one that you might have no time to hear or think about. But the one that will let you get to me. I admit I have an open chest, but only a tiny whole, and you can see through it… And the funniest part!? I will not give you the code of my colours but I will let you discover it, just see the story.


It is very tricky to persuade someone to think when that same person have the chance to get the prize without a mind effort. So how can you manipulate them in actioning the search for an expected result? I can start by saying and showing you that (when in a appropriate context) going through a path is much more enriching than simply arriving at the desired destination. The prize is the key for engaging audiences in storytelling. People like compliments about achievements and we can translate discovering creation into rewards. In architecture, graphic and web design, and product design, the way you catch your audience is direct and proportional to the way you can reward it with a given and expected result through a prize.

In a recent event, a given project was a solved equation of normality and resistance to evolution. Everybody saw what everybody was expecting, and nobody, except the creator, agreed on a different status and state of communication. I had to intervene and direct the group onto innovation. Why give it all away at the first glance? Nothing wrong about it, but what defines me is never the layer that is at surface isn’t it? Why not tell a story and transform a simple graphic identity in a much valued and rich concept of communication through a system of idea making and reward generating entity? A living, evolving, adapting and never ending (much more than we were taught to identify as technicians) story!

Am I odd? yes, of course.
Am I looking for innovation? no doubt.
Am I going to reach all of you? no way.
Am I accepting a different way to see? that’s my life.


I am studium, an assertive blend of rigorous vision, passion and oddity.
All ways, every day.

Sérgio Magalhães
Creative Director

Thank you Catarina Rodrigues, Creative Creator.