Manifesto 2+0+2+2, it’s about time

What do we say when we say cannot be visible – it can only be experienced?

What can a manifesto provide when in relation with time, solely time?

By now you’ve realised this manifesto is about time, the only UNmeasurable reality we all have, and yet we all LACK.

Time as passage
Time as meditation
Time as frameable reality
Time as reference
Time as me
Time as career

So what’s in 2022 that takes me into considering time as the most valuable reality that ever existed?
Well it is its uncontrollable reality, its softness, its value, its lightness.

Time passage, time going by, time to die for
photograph : Arnaud Freitas, Israel

What do I see when what I see cannot be told in any other way?

By now I can see time as the travelling light that breaks the past into the future, that embraces life as the ultimate force and expression. 2022 is a time. A time to expose what 20 years mean and it means a lot. I’m on my 10th year here, at studium, and time is still an odd sensation.

For those who experienced 7305 days of a creative purpose, of this process there is a clear sense of absence, because time is nothing but an absence either from the past or from the future.

Time absence, time stage, time beauty
photograph : Fabrizio Albertini, Radici

Time image, time feeling, time print
photograph : Fabrizio Albertini, Radici


Catarina Rodrigues, creative director studium

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