1para1 brand

1para1 presents itself as one of the most disruptive communication concepts the agency provided to the studio until today, combining its function as a pharmacy with a new crossover between an online store and a service platform for door-to-door product distribution. Enhancing the unquestionable fact that this brand it is simultaneously a new service, a product for the consumer and a product as a service for the physical pharmacy. The name is simple, concise and explicit, straightforward and easy to understand, just like the interaction it promotes with its universal audience.

1para1 brand

There is a direct relationship between who needs it and the brand, the entity that makes it happen. This proximity is at the base of the creation of all the elements, making this a complex project — specifically the graphic identity —, imposing a universal flexibility of elements between the clarity of regular shapes, the difference in between them and the regular space left to use, creating this unique language.

The strategy created for the brand amplifies the communication and enhances core brand values such as convenience, the immediate response, and the multitude of choices the product range provides.

1para1 presents as its biggest factors of distinction, the speed and the agility of range for the delivery of its products. This is the service that is more than an online store, it’s also an extension of the physical pharmacies themselves, allowing them to create a very particular empathy with the consumer and to reach different target audiences. This broader range of segmentation is personified in the brand strategy by the creation of the 04 brand characters.