Ceuta 116

This project reflects the study of maximum occupancy of a fraction reserved for a company using existing accesses without the need for structural interventions. Good natural lighting through the glass facade allowed the distribution of work areas by its proximity

Ceuta 116

Based on the studium experience, a program was defined to this site. The proposed program is adapted to the specific reality of the place and its architectural constraints and is structured in 03 macro groups with the following areas

open space area dedicated to workstations. In this space there are 03 types of workstations - fixed workstation; open workstation for temporary appropriation, similar to the concept of co-working; transitional workstations. There are also other areas directly related or complementary to the workstations, such as meeting rooms, print centers, hot desks, etc.

mostly technical areas and dedicated to the basic conditions of employees

areas that promote the well-being of employees, from breaks, meals, sharing, and all daily activities that increase the quality of the workspace