CHUC – Digital Strategic Plan 2020-2022

The Hospitals of the University of Coimbra in Coimbra, form a complex that is known as a research center with a wide variety of clinical services and medical specialties.  

The studium proposal corresponds to the development of the digital consultation platform for the 2020-2022 Strategic Development Plan and respective dashboard on a single website, in a digital desktop environment.

CHUC – Digital Strategic Plan 2020-2022

The platform focuses on the presence of relevant information for the user and is the result of the evaluation of quality, availability, relevance, completeness and concise representation of specific information provided in the current dashboard. As well as simplifying the communication and presentation of data results through diagrams, graphs, tables and written content.  

The platform presents a landing page that allows the user to navigate to the strategic plan or to the CHUC News platform.  This modal only present on the web platform encourages/allows navigation to the strategic plan. This modal has a temporary character and serves as a teaser for consulting a new CHUC platform.  

After entering the strategic plan page, the user is again suggested to choose to navigate to the strategic plan or the PDE CHUC dashboard.