Cristina Ferreira’s Online Shoes Store

Cristina Ferreira is a portuguese television hostess and entrepreneur with countrywide notoriety. Remarkably enthusiastic and joyful, Cristina represents what most would consider a woman of success, a woman of power. She owns an online shoes store, with sales easily attributable to her reputation. Nonetheless, the store’s distant, sales-oriented communication creates a disconnect with Cristina’s brand and image.

Cristina Ferreira’s Online Shoes Store

Because Cristina Ferreira is so well-known and loved, what other discourse can her online shoes store have, if not the inevitable association of Cristina with her own brands and products? This is the main strength that must be focused on : letting Cristina be her own ambassador, letting Cristina speak above all other speeches, letting Cristina be the face, body, voice, attitude and DNA of the products she sells. Letting Cristina be Cristina!

From this point-of-view, the television hostess’ presence was integrated into the online store; she is not just a signature : she is to be seen, heard and felt, surrounding the user with all things Cristina Ferreira.

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