Visual Identity

The brand and design of DOMODOMO's visual identity is born from the reference of the original restaurant, DOMO. The creation of the new brand is accompanied by the opening of its restaurant, and focuses on the relationship between the two, ensuring, at the same time, their complete autonomy.

Visual Identity

The DOMODOMO visual identity is characterized for as a mimic of the original DOMO identity, and uses elements like:

Represented with a contour line, which frames the letters that make up the name DOMODOMO.

Poppins font, highly geometric and compact, is used to build the logo, creating a coherent typographic set, of great legibility and formal simplicity. The name is distributed in 02 lines of text, which make up D O + M O. This composition maintains a harmonious balance due to the size and similarity of the letters.

The visual identity color system uses blue as the main color, this blue that unfolds into four other shades of blue, two darker and two lighter.

The design of the logo reflects the overlapping of the original composition of DOMO’s visual identity, from which a displacement is made in a downward direction and left > right.