Dove Beleza Real . website

Dove has a vision of the world where beauty is a source of confidence and not of anxiety. Its mission is to ensure that the next generation grows enjoying a positive relationship with their body, helping women to increase their self-esteem and to achieve the maximum potential of real beauty.

Dove Beleza Real . website

Dove set with studium® a way to develop a platform with the main theme related to self-esteem and the influence that it has on women, so that it can add effective value to the community, aiming the awareness, education and appreciation of the importance of self-esteem for women.

Accordingly, studium® developed a minimalist layout, focused on women and their real beauty. The central point of the platform and its simple and intuitive navigation, lead us to explore it and trying to figure out how we can improve, based on testimonies and experiences of other users.

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