Empátio Associação Cultural

Visual Identity and Communication

Empátio is a cultural association located in Pátio do Bolhão, in the epicenter of the city of Porto. It is an entity dedicated to the cultural promotion of events of various cultural activities - music, cinema, illustration, design, etc.

Visual Identity and Communication

The notion of the courtyard as an enclosed space is reimagined so that this location becomes a demarcated space of cultural intensity with the potential to be a point of expansion within the city.

The brand communication follows a personalized approach in which the identity is able to adapt chameleonically to the theme it refers to, thus generating an easily adjustable identity system.

Thus, Empátio's graphic communication is based on a simple and versatile system : starting from a central highlight zone, which represents the courtyard and delimited by a recognizable geometric shape, the main expansion axes are created. These axes can acquire different configurations and interpretations depending on the theme presented, always ensuring a conceptual link with the event to be communicated.

The chromatic variants, the high-contrast composition and the inclusion of colours with high saturation ensure a positive, joyful and disruptive language.