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The distance from the reality in which the project has to prevail is unarguable. Doubts, indecision, counterparts and compromises are the manageable matter of the possible. Even starting from the correct, plausible and applicable foundations - starting from the briefing - this panorama of uncertainty is distributed throughout the intellectual landscape of the project's stakeholders, in a constant way, within the time period in which the project takes place.

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Business Centre

Investing and locating a community that represents a global process of evolution and positioning of the GKN entity, is the task to develop. For that, it was necessary to lead a clear and systematic approach of the work process between the several participants and to assure the competence of the collaborative decision between the presupposition and the proposition of the future, as a work foundation. This is in itself an innovative perspective on how to produce architecture, on the mastery of the method that integrates design/project teams, technical specialists and external consultants, in a controlled application of the solution without imposing a tyrannical result and therefore weak and arrogant. It was only after this complex exercise of alignment and consolidation of criteria and people, of strategy and model, that the tactical proposal for results emerged.

A single narrative, unique and arranged in the space, marketing and brand's formal habitat, promoted by the occupation and appropriation of the people who will guarantee the development of the foundations of the place itself. A floating community, aligned with group theory and transparency of its primary function and initially organized into two large clusters. Each cluster follows the demultiplication of a group, which then unfolds into variable number teams, repeating this same exercise up to the individual, directly to the limit of his/her personal space. An innovative approach on how infinite variations of the dedicated to the workspace systems are presented, on how new ways of interaction and integration of visitors are proposed in the spaces of the local community, and even how the individual and personal space can move in a soluble and appropriate environment. Suitable.

Starting from the interpretation of the project's conditions, far beyond the space and the client's initial request, a controlled speculation is elaborated : on the general theory and the appropriation of the habitable space; on the versatility suitable for the intrinsically necessary use for the occupant in a wide, implicitly defined territory; on the application in the present of a real future of use and functionality, where the exponential limit is the policy of expansion and growth of the community itself.

The project's functional needs prevail in a sensible balance between the development of original components and the market selection process, mostly dedicated to the solutions normalization as a foundation for the work. Only this way can flexibility be allowed by the functional adaptability that demands from the formalism and the narrative poetics the unquestionable personalization of the project to the values ​​that designated ME as its guardian.

It is in this meditation of the available space that the use concentration allows, in contemplating the project narrative, to manage the ethical occupation of the local community.