Nuno Amado

House in Lavra

Studium's project of planning for the construction of a single-family house with 03 rooms located in Lavra, Matosinhos, next to Pedras Brancas beach.

House in Lavra

On the ground floor, the natural elements are echoed in the house's 04 structural pillars:

fire: fireplace function
Concrete column with a small percentage of red pigmentation representing the liveliness and glow of the element evoked;

air: exhaust function
Represented by the partial absence of material, a high elevation where part of the pillar does not touch the floor and where fumes and smells from the kitchen will be extracted;

water: peep and fridge function
Volume with softened edges to symbolise the smoothness of water and allude to the erosion caused by the element;

earth: structural column function
The only pillar without an accessory function, it stands out for this very reason and for its ability to transfer forces into the ground, ensuring its connection to the Earth as a symbol of the 04 elements.