Bouygues Telecom Services

Interior Design

We were presented with an intervention area of about 4,500 m², located in an old shopping center, currently undergoing a rehabilitation process. A renovated business epicenter.

The goal is to design an open space office for 482 employees, which can create a community culture. These spaces must communicate the chez nous concept as well as the pleasure of working at Bouygues Telecom Service.

Interior Design

The project's concept is based on a clear reading of the interior space, on the potential of reading the fraction's boundaries and on its radiating relationship from the central courtyard. These premises are based on the concentrical way that the functional program is distributed.

The functional hierarchy is dictated by an overlap between the central square structure of the courtyard, present in an epicenter, the distribution of work teams in a circular strategy and finally in the cardinal orientations, polarizing the four points of the macro-functional structure of the space.

The prevalence of the large central community next to the courtyard is the great comfort factor in the project. The most important axis of the entire project, which guarantees the use and access control through simple structures such as the “loophole”, the curve and the translucent and transparent plane, visually unites the entrance and the dining area, extrapolating the notion of "home" as an emotional and conceptual premise of the project.