LX Sailing


LX Sailing is an informative platform focused on nautical sports. It is through news, articles and media that the platform provides information for all sea lovers. This website works as a online news "repository". It was designed and developed in order to migrate its original content ( created on a Facebook page ) to an independent and autonomous platform.

It's design uses intuitive and clear shapes and functions. The user can easily understand and approach those elements and, on the other hand, they provide a simple access to the information. It is a dynamic and always-on-evolution platform and so, able to demonstrate its aesthetics and functional potential.


The oblique visual elements of LX Sailing are inspired by the movement of the sails on the boats, a fundamental characteristic for the practice of water sports, and they contrast with the predominant color, blue, a reference to the deep sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean.

The side menu presents itself as one of the most relevant on the platform and, once again reinforces the notion of movement, agility and dynamics, becoming one of the notable points of navigation of the platform.