Terra Bona Wine Family

Madeira’s Collection

The strategic desire to increase the visibility of the island of Madeira, through the initiative of the immense projects that make up the entrepreneurial fabric of the Madeiran community, is responsible for the careful extension of the original brand and its recognized values.

This is the right time to show that what is ours is indeed valuable. This is the right time for the private sector to show its value, in a voice that leaves the mute aside and assumes itself as the great prospect, the great force that promotes the best there is, on this beloved island of Madeira.

Madeira’s Collection

The brand is a collection of Madeira brands.
The curatorship positions awareness of the region and its products.
The associated relationship of the products materializes the compulsive attitude of collecting with a regular, exemplary and activating service of provenance.
Through a cycle of product export and import of interests, a connection with the consumer is drawn through his future visit to the island.

The identity is personalized due to its reference to folklore and structural roots of its culture.
It is the flowers, the geographical position, the colours and a symmetrical heart that defines, by the exception the belonging, the 'S.
The identity that is multiplied in the variants of those who aggregate information, be it the brand of those who are part of the collection, or the products that symbolize Madeira.
Flexible, youthful, fresh, present, characteristic, singular, lively. This is Madeira's Collection.