MARP . Museu do Automóvel e do Rally de Portugal

Competition for the conception of a new building that aims to revive the area of the old municipal market, located in Praça das Comunidades. The program foresees a project occupying approximately 3000.00m2.

MARP . Museu do Automóvel e do Rally de Portugal

The Museu do Automóvel e do Rally de Portugal (MARP) is responsible for storing 60 vehicles that are now part of the collection of the Automobile Museum and the addition of the History of the Rally of Portugal, inexorably connected to Fafe and also known as the "Rally Cathedral" as a new public equipment. Located in a central and established area of the city, the product births a new meeting place for the city's inhabitants, the visitors and the biggest fans, with the creation of new media and intersections of urban interest.

MARP defines Fafe's place as a cosmopolitan city, with a strongly international personality. Becoming a new section of the rally - with a new podium, its altars - this automobile cathedral, while responding to local demand with a new food court, public parking, and assuring the integration of an autonomous public auditorium.

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