Novóptica Online Store

The development of the Novóptica online store follows the updating of the identity, art direction and SBN and SAMS platforms. In 2018, the first approach to the evolution of the Novóptica graphic identity was designed and, in 2021, the proposal for the online store was developed.

Within the SBN ecosystem, Novóptica is the brand with an openly commercial positioning and oriented towards sales to the general public.

Novóptica Online Store

The approach to the online store is dedicated to interacting with the public, simulating the experience and personal relationship of the physical store.

For this, a strategy was developed that incorporates a questionnaire, which corresponds to a new look for filter research. The approach simulates the question "How can I help you?"

The store features a personalized approach in footer, dedicated to interacting with the consumer, it signals the end of each page, without, however, meaning the end of navigation. For this, texts are used that encourage the continuity of navigation in the store, seeking to recover the user's attention and curiosity.