OA-SRS . Headquarters Extension

studium's proposal for the extension of OA.SRS's ( Architects’ Portuguese Association ) headquarters.

Where contemporary Lisbon and the history of neoclassical architecture in Portugal meet, there is a confluence of mood, perception and semiotic influence in a perpetual relationship.
This is a more or less explicit notion, more or less marked by the individual reading of who sees it, who designs it and even who uses it. An appropriation of these spaces in full function and that in the context of this participation, deserves to be publicly legitimized, without repudiation of their origin and institutional competence.

OA-SRS . Headquarters Extension

In a relationship of stylistic proximity between the architect and the public space, we find several examples of governance of classic elements (some of them also neo) that we recognize in the current Ordem dos Arquitetos' headquarters. The study of these examples of local context, allowed an analysis of the signs, aesthetics and the joint result proposed to the contest.

The architecture I propose is not taught or learned. It is practiced in a place and in this time that is not only about history, but that presents itself with a lucidity that only the other notables recognized as points of inflection, reflection and clear progression. The spatial context is guaranteed to be functional, a unique service while the context of use of space becomes figuratively cosmological and dimensional. I therefore affirm a non-binary language and designation, an approach that does not need to have a name or historical context, be it classic or contemporary, concrete or abstract. This is how I define interior-exterior-interdimensional relations as a dance and where the functional practice between everyone is different, pure and complementary.
The essence of the proposed program is based on the need to generate, from the set, a new space integrated in a recognized visual environment, where the discovery becomes action. As a magnetic pole, what is now called the General Building (EG, for Edifício Geral) becomes a unique being, where the coexistence between multiple program units and their circulations generates a continuous loop of entrances, public spaces, places, permanencies, observatories (whether training, culture or leisure).
The building's re-balanced personality, as a mark of its heritage activation and pedagogical potential, takes center stage in the intervention strategy. The brand is not diluted, it gains an unexpected breath, cured by the publication and promotion of the institutional image that it must be maintained.

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