studium . gallery's second exhibition (Portographic) is based on the critical reading of today's Porto.

Lascivious, the city feels invaded, exploited, objectified, surrounded by desire and expectation, pornographic.

A graphic Porto, always!

Our bases are the written discourse, the visual discourse: the graphic adventure. A pulsating excitement of those who feel galvanized with this sexy Porto.


A city that decided to be brand and identity, assumed by everything and through all.
What is this city, now full of hotels and restaurants?
What has happened to our bases, our taste and our treatment? What foreign language is this in which we all have to make ourselves understood?
Is this identity so factual, so punctual as to have a point as an end point?
Period. I prefer three points (…) my reticence.

In this exhibition we explore the urban clichés of those who still know, walk and feel this city every day.
It's a vision from the inside out. The sayings' decadent glamour is remembered, images of the still ours Porto are seen and not this overproduced Porto, bursting by the seams that one day throws us to the Douro. A Porto that consumes its people, full of so much emptiness.

A light criticism, a contained critique, a brief critique of creators and recreated; a fluorescent critique so that one day even more and much better can be made. A constructive view.

In this exhibition the incidence of each poster's speech focuses on the name of the chosen typography and soon after its drawing in the ambiguous pun between the city and my speech.
Simple and effective. Very Porto, very graphic.
With design.