Porto Vascular Conference

2022 Event

On the occasion of Porto Vascular Conference’s 10th anniversary, a new and disruptive graphic image is developed providing a fresh outlook while still being anchored on the graphic principles that define PVC and that make it immediately recognizable year after year.

2022 Event

This intervention focuses mainly on a reinterpretation of the brush stroke. This graphic element, previously used as a utilitarian element and often associated with the highlight of relevant information, is now recontextualized. The new graphic image of the event assumes the blue line as the main motif.

Thus, it interacts with different types of texture and inverts the chromatic dynamics of PVC. While in previous editions red was the main color, now blue takes center stage, affirming this edition as a moment of difference and celebration.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the event, a commemorative book was also designed, bringing together testimonies and documentation of the events and the scientific community.