Feels Like Home

Santa Catarina prime suites

A charmful guest house has just opened in Portugal's busiest street. As a part of an emblazoned building, this inn offers 18 rooms with unique characteristics.

Spread around a central staircase topped by a traditional skylight, the rooms are either overlooking Rua de Santa Catarina or provided with a wide view of the center of Porto.

Santa Catarina prime suites

With an interpolation of tradition and contemporaneity, the building is structurally maintained, along with several constructive elements that articulate with a set of modern and comfortable solutions. To better enjoy the stay, taking advantage of the balconies and views, a new concept of appropriation has been implemented: drinks and snacks are always available to guests in the common areas of the building, which can be collected and transported to the rooms on the trolleys available.

Everything is in line to offer an authentic though cosmopolitan experience, in the center of the charming city of Porto.