20th anniversary book

To mark SPACV’s 20th anniversary, we designed a compendium book of all the Society’s activities and those who were part of it.
The book, composed of 10 chapters (corresponding to the 10 mandates), is a record and memory of the evolution of SPACV since its foundation.

20th anniversary book

Being a unique book, of a commemorative nature, we sought to give it some distinction through its own format.
Taking into account the particularity of being mostly composed of images, we looked for a proportion that more closely resembles a photo album (usually square or horizontally oriented) than a standard book/magazine (A4 or A5).

A special book has to look like so from the first moment, from the first impression.
In this sense, we dedicate special attention to the cover and its finishes, to give it the distinct look the client desired. Other refinement finishes were also suggested, such as the addition of a ribbon or a marker with a commemorative message from the current SPACV president.

As a final note, the book is wrapped in golden paper that reveals a map of Portugal inside with all the Society's Annual Congresses signalized. This second intention transforms a disposable object into a piece that can be framed.