studium . identity #02

studium  has been internationally released 6 months now. Nothing better to start a fresh new year than using once more our formula, our rules and our vision to give a big, great step: we are leaving our mother's nest, no longer our Hello! is necessary, we've been through birth, growth and presentation but now, it is your time to look for us, our very best abilities and desires, ambitions and goals. We fiercely go forward new challenges that can only be possible by the way studium  sees and seeks for more.

This entity, our second one is a very unique approach to the way we tell the world our main tools and areas of intervention, since we assume projects as global critic. The blend between digital, print and schematic thinking is now complete with a brand new area: product.

studium . identity #02

A massive amount of opportunities to embrace interpretative, new, modular, material or any other solution over objects. Now is the time. The time to come clearer, brighter and stronger. After long years of testing, prototyping, designing and searching, our opportunity is right here.

Get along on our second version of an infinite way of communicating (never forget "the hand. the hand. the mind. the body…the supreme media and the eternal identity." @ studium the entity & the eternal brand) and find out our 2015 trends. Sit back and be delight with our vision.

Watch out the epileptic effect of this presentation on you.