TCB is a brand dedicated to construction, focusing on roofing, facades, painting and special projects. With high quality performance as the main characteristic of the brand, the TCB company provides great and detailed solutions to its customers. studium took a very specific critic over the brand itself and the recognizable competition and developed more than a visual identity. It was developed a whole systematic and pragmatic approach to what it is in reality, the communication requisites of TCB.


An assertive and powerful dimension, given by the mesh between the rude and heavy materials with the "only human able" eye of perfection. Our concept came from the idea of brutalism as an inevitable matter that defines construction. The roughness of concrete, and steel or paint as an assumed part of the process. The Material vs the Man. A repetitive and soft, precious intervention, completely apart from the apparent and grey smell of all things when in their natural state.

The Man behind the project gives the personalized version that only TCB can deliver.

Our vision, where the face and the empathy with it, moves the credibility as a keyword towards the project. Me and you, me and the material, rudeness combined with beauty, the aim to get further; further enough to became the only one. This is the odd and peculiar vision seen by the hands of the creators.