the UNBUILT series

the UNBUILT series is studium . gallery's first exhibition, and a landmark for its identity #05. This exhibition was featured in the renowed architecture event ARQ OUT, in 2018.

the UNBUILT series


UNBUILT, or yet to be built?

2008 and the crisis. The social and economic (un)trust downs upon the client's private investment, reducing it to irrelevant values. The studio, adapting, repositions its focus on the possible architecture, with big clients in the corporate sector and in project direction for the creation and requalification of business centers, industrial unities and private healthcare, international fairs, office centers and some reformulation work on small living fractions.
The house and the dwelling, sensibly explored since 2002 in several medium and large scale projects, assume, here, a new and almost fanciful framework and head towards the academic universe, in an outline which explores potential and value as a way of obtaining the market's interest (which others abandoned), in an unrecognizable attitude for the architect.

the UNBUILT series features 07 projects that were not constructed. Focusing on exploration and experimentation, the entire exhibition - and its communication - goes beyond what is usually traditional for vernacular architecture.

Media and creative techniques - stencils, 3D printing, anamorphosis, rasters, among others - are organically mixed, showing that there are infinite systems and possibilities yet to be tried.