Fábrica Invencível

Urban Intervention

The urban intervention in Fábrica Invencível is the result of a complex process of analysis, criticism and integration of space in one of the most prominent and expectant areas of the city of Porto.

Urban Intervention

Made up of two parcels, with specific characteristics and functions, a Fábrica Invencível is a project that bases its urban premises on segmentation, just as much as on their complementarity and logic.

North parcel
presents a configuration perfectly identifiable with the political attitude of creating public space in the form of a square with the additional perception of a public garden. 

South parcel
has in its genesis, besides the concentration of the construction index of the urban plot previous to this exercise, the proposition of a staminal use for all the adjacent area: the inclusion of a transitory/hybrid programme between services and support equipment of a strong cultural nature.