Vasco Freitas . website

Vasco Freitas is an internationally renowed hairstylist and a part of the most notorious fashion events. This man is the focus of our work. Dedicated to his art, Vasco is the beginning and the end of his own universe. 

Chanel, Moschino, Viviane Westwood, Versace, are some of the most famous stylists that regularly count on the magic of the hairstylist Vasco Freitas to make their runways more seductive. Vasco Freitas' talent has taken the young stylist to design hair around the world. 

Vasco Freitas . website

In the same way that major brands have trusted Vasco Freitas to create hairstyles for their fashion shows, he trusted studium with the capability and creativity to design his website. The challenge was accepted and the results are obvious. A modern website, with aesthetics inspired by the hairstylist's image while keeping up with technical demands that keep the site within current web trends.

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