World’s Best Fish . tourism guide

The city of Matosinhos has a brand dedicated to the best that it has to offer, especially in the tourist field - Matosinhos, World's Best Fish, W'BF. This broader perspective of the city is also a communication system, materialized through an identity and through communication media such as the guide.

World’s Best Fish . tourism guide

This guide shows you where the best fish in the world is and, more than that, it aims to amplify the city from its own point of view. To make known its flavor, its smell and its texture, through the invitation to the touristic and cultural, gastronomical and sports visit (with emphasis to surfing), with all the necessary information for a perfect stay, full of good food and fun. The perception of the sea, the beach, the shellfish and the fish, the places to visit and curiosities about the county, it is intended that the visitor understands the meaning of the city through a filter that brings the clairvoyance of Matosinhos' personality and its characteristics .

As a guide, the importance of mobility, accessibility and portability were contexts that defined its foldable structure, generating content around its function.

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