Evolution, knowledge and self awareness as an #interpolation of #studium reality over consciousness.

The primal birth of our collective mind, adjusting the fittest to survive in a constant cycle of discovery based on human interactions. The entity of the individual overcoming everything in its path to become the master of the ensemble. The connections are only dependent of the concepts available to become more than ideas in the general acceptance of our society. This is the normal procedure that enhances innovation to the limits of possibility and surpases common denominators with the ambition of more.

A language of discovery and status, identifying the defiance of the established. Searching incessantly for the answer that needs a new code to be written. This is #studium: an eternal search for the unknown, deep in the reality that foresees rarity.

The destruction, by construction, of the dogmatic prejudices of reality exist only there to become obsoletes.

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© Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang : andrewthomashuang.com

WINNER at SLAMDANCE 2012 of the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short

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Original Soundtrack: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-nautilus-diary/id514184687

Cast Featuring: Mary Elise Hayden, Marissa Merrill & Dustin Edward

Executive Producers: David Lyons & Andrew Huang

Producers: Laura Merians & Stephanie Marshall

Cinematographer: Laura Merians

Production Designer: Hugh Zeigler

Costume Designer: Lindsey Mortensen

Hair & Makeup Designer: Jennifer Cunningham

Sound Design & Original Score: Andrew Huang

A Moo Studios & Future You Production

Copyright 2012 Andrew Huang All Rights Reserved.