studium – (id)entities

“Identity”, as a technical design expression, is usually employed to describe the graphic representation of an entity, idea or product. It’s a category that possesses its own micro-universe of solutions; cycles often isolated in time, anxious to close themselves off until redesigned just for the vanity of “modernization”.

When we created studium in 2014, we knew that an innovative creative studio could not hold on to a single identity solution ad eternum, terrified to project itself onto the future and to embrace the evolution that would have to come. We knew where we were then – taking our first steps, presenting ourselves to the world – and where we wanted to get to – the frontline, hand stretched out toward anyone who wanted to grab it. Between these two moments, other milestones would take place, a glance towards the steps we had climbed and a total awareness of the distance we had leapt.


Manifestations of our Identity with a new graphic materialization for each. Always with one constant : the representation of the Hand, machine of machines, supreme tool of the creator.

A “Hello“;
Introducing our Tools;
Our mental process before the production, through the Creative Epitome;
Stirring the waters with an Iron Hand;
Opening the doors to the physical and digital worlds, sharing knowledge, methodology; the multidisciplinarity of the Polymath;

Each mark, an iteration of studium’s identity. An assertive reasoning, with a rigorous and integrating vision, with intentional oddities. This is the way of being, working, living, thinking, speaking and breathing studium. In everything we do.


concept poster for id #01


concept poster for id #02


concept poster for id #03


concept poster for id #04


concept banner for id #05