Catarina Rodrigues
Creative Director

Catarina Rodrigues,
Porto, 1988
Creative director


Dedicated to creative and art direction in studio ( STUDIUM . CREATIVE STUDIO ) and brand/ management agency environment ( AMMP ). Develops and leads, under different strategic and methodological values, communication, project structures and the irrefutability of the creative process. She is involved in areas such as architecture, communication design, product design and branding. In this continuous act, she follows a path dedicated to creation, experimentation and leadership of teams, processes and projects.

Aware of her intellectual position and everything that surrounds her, she lives immersed in the liquid matter of dedication on reaching others, through her assertive and essayist speech. She uses the pseudonym awcat as an inciting argument for an unusual journey, which embraces her own conscience and motivation.


Academic training
. graphic design and publicity by ESEIG
. active participation in workshops, conferences, open calls, training, architecture and communication design related activities, as well as writing and artistic practices
. relation with teaching, city council, public and private entities, from different scales and activity sectors 
. in 2021 her first artistic installation, as part of a large scale project in Porto was presented
. curator and creative director for the polymath author Sérgio Miguel Magalhães, known as MONSTRUKTOR
. creator of the published book FUTURE BLUE by MONSTRUKTOR, the author
. member of Clube Criativos de Portugal and Art Directors Club of Europe


. creative director and art director STUDIUM . creative studio
. brand director AMMP . brand and management agency
. creative PT Made . production house
. curator MONSTRUKTOR, the author


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