As an assertive blend of rigorous vision, passion and oddity, we studium use a transversal method, supported by the best tools.
The UX/UI creative team starts with the context of the project, then its conceptualisation and finally, ends up with its materialisation. This is the base for ever single project.

We use 02 tools as starting points to build our component library: SKETCH and ZEPLIN.
These tools are vital to allow the contribution from every team member, as well as a optimisation of our work.
Tools like SKETCH and ZEPLIN are part of daily basis and helps us explain web design in a very efficient and quick way, with maximum detail.

01. flowchart
We structure the work on a functional level saving time with the use of a flowchart that processes all the information.
The perception of layout differentiation and navigation between pages is easy with our flowchart.

02. wireframes
Wireframing works as a tool, with the specific goal of improvement the user experience: design structure and compromising design decisions along with the client.

After establishing some initial UI requirements, we begin handmade  wireframing some key pages. Then we make them digital.

03. interface design
Layouts are consistent and concise.
We design layouts based on a style guide and we create a well-structured SKETCH system of components. Once completed, we migrate the toolkit to ZEPLIN.

04. high fidelity prototype
Simple and interactive prototypes.

ZEPLIN is a great tool for us, the creative studio. It’s high fidelity guarantees refined results in our projects.
The communication between designers and developers becomes agile and effective and the margin of error of the migration between layouts and development is highly reduced.

So, live long SKETCH  and ZEPLIN.