Mini Alfa

Oliveirinhas 23

In an existing building on a historic street of Porto, an opportunity arose to reverse a licensed project that compressed 05 houses in a small stone masonry envelope. The concept of the reconstruction proposed, allows the resurrection of typical social urban concepts of the city that are less common nowadays, presenting a revival of Porto’s anthropological roots, into a dynamic of coherent spaces, innovative and light.

Oliveirinhas 23

The proposal consists in an extension of the exterior urban space. A street that gives access to three houses, each one with its own unique expression.

The typical stairwell is transformed into a succession of ramps, steps and landings, in a fluid path, bathed by the sun light of the skylight.

The houses assume their importance in the delimitation and dialogue with the inner street. They are all different, in their shapes and areas, relationship with outdoor spaces, views, etc., but they all share their street.