studium . identity #05 . polymath

Since its birth, studium has affirmed self-critical tenacity, swapping the safe and immobile for evolution, innovation and discovery. Its identity reflects this openness towards progress, manifesting itself through iterations that underline landmarks and growth. 

With the certainty of the knowledge it has acquired and the desire to share it, studium marks a new phase of its existence : the polymath.

studium . identity #05 . polymath

A polymath, "he who has learnt much", is a person whose knowledge isn't limited to a single expertise. Its the Man, figure or institution that inspires itself, so as to become a fountain of more and better knowledge. Studium fulfils itself in this moment of Rediscovery, of recognizing its best to finally affirm and Re-adjust itself. 

In this new cycle, there's more of the past, more multidisciplinarity, more of the entity, a lot more of the origin, there's more presence, more unfolding, more intention, more power, there's hand, knowledge, customized typography, a lot more of our blood, a lot more studium.

In this cycle, the gallery, office and creative team are born.