Real Estate Dossier

Triplace's Real Estate Dossier serves as an interactive showcase of a potential use for an office space at Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo.

Real Estate Dossier

Through a conceptual narrative, the project for the space is presented in all its facets, from technical aspects, such as area and organizational charts, to visualizations of the space, through schematic drawings and renders. 

Designed for an immersive experience, the site navigation is done through sections that occupy the entirety of the user’s screen, allowing total focus on the content which is being presented.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of the digital medium, an additional layer of interactivity is added, allowing the user to understand in great detail all the details of the project, from the base concept that structures the proposal to specific areas of interest in the building or in the floor plans.

At Triplace, orange tones are used for the chromatic palette, thus reflecting the humanized and relational character of this project, whose foundations are based on the creation of a dynamic, multipurpose space capable of offering its users an experience of both comfort and high performance in a work environment.

The photographic art direction of the images that accompany the architectural narrative is focused on reinforcing the idea of the plurality of activities, the various uses of space and the alternation between rest and work.